Another video from that jam I was at last night. Similar audio quality. A bit before 3:00 I appear and start with vocals.

These are “I’ve literally never done harsh vocals in a place that wasn’t my car” harsh vocals. If Emilie Bresson of Monarch! was a terrible singer.



Audio quality is approximately “video taken by cellphone in loud venue”, but here’s video of me at an incredible “band swap” jam at Churchill’s Pub last night. Me on bass, Niuvis on vocals, Emile from Sweat Records on drums, and Greg from The Jellyfish Brothers on theremin.


I had a fucking blast.


Tell her Hell was built just for two
Tell her no ones as damaged as you
I was a witness
I was an actress
I was a vessel
With nothing to do

Tell them I can disappear
Tell them I’m liquid fear
A killjoy
A housewife
A real girl
A fake life
Tell them I’m dead in a year

You told me you knew my saints
You told me you mastered pain
You knew nothing about any fix for nothing
But my god you’re a masterful pain

Tell him I was
Given everything he took
Away from me and


Cruise Control

Am I an island?
Am I an echo?
When do I fade off?
How would they all know?

When does the fun start?
When am I “the gang?”
I’m tired of choking,
I’d rather just hang.

Just enough devotion
To generate motion
But what do my labors show?
A name and a face
I’d call easy to replace,
You’ll have more fun without, though.

Sleep is the only place I’m real.
Sleep is the only time I feel.
Waking moments, they do seem
like dreams between more dreams
Sleep is the only time I’m real.

“I drowned in you to forget that I am drowning every day.”

Inspiration And Sexual Satisfaction Hide From Me And Talk Shit Behind My Back

Everything I need to understand
Is lost in a pattern on this ceiling
Plaster stalactites are my constellations
Where I divine what lead me here

And you are lost in a pattern
Deep in the crook between my neck and shoulder
Maybe you’re searching for another girl’s face,
A way out of this bed, out of this life.

And both of us groan
Because we’ve found nothing.
Both of us groan
At this failed shot in the dark.

We sleep dreamlessly.
We wake up nowhere.
We part ways, alone.
We always were.


I’m sorry.
You looked like a warm body
In a place I don’t belong.
You looked like a warm body
But of course I could be wrong.

I suppose I could ignore you,
Like I should ignore the cold.
I just want to disappear.
I just want you to know.

I’m sorry.
You looked like a warm body
Like somewhere I belong.
You looked like a warm body.
You know I’m always wrong.


You surround me,
I evade you.
You neglect me,
I mourn you.
You’re numbing pain,
I am dead blood.

You’re lonely,
I am lonely, too.

You’re autumn’s sick,
I am summer’s burn.
You’re jagged canyons,
I’m death in Russian Red.
You’re my father’s old curses,
I am twenty years of tears.
You surround me.



My nose
My nose
Off the sad oval seal
I present to the world
Maybe it’s an exile
Fall for the greater good
From your perspective
My nose
From your perspective
My nose
A grand war memorial
Saluted by the world
Maybe it’s a hero
Valiant veteran of highest honors.

My nose is the loudest part of my face.
“Heroic” is nowhere in your silent slurs about my nose.

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